Paid Undergraduate Internships Abroad in 2024 | Application Process

Paid Undergraduate Internships Abroad in 2024 | Application Process

Paid Undergraduate Internships Abroad in 2024 | Application Process

Are you looking for opportunities to complete an International Undergraduate Internship?

As an undergraduate, internships sharpen your cognitive abilities and give you hands-on experience applying the knowledge you have learned in your courses.

They also lay a solid foundation for your professional career, allowing you to gain leadership experience in the field of your choice with the right internship.

Several fully sponsored international undergraduate internship options in the USA, Asia, and Africa are compiled on this page.

International Undergraduate Internships‘ Benefits

Benefits of international undergraduate internships include the following:

  • Stipends to assist with maintaining your level of life and other expenses.
  • Give you practical experience in the areas you’ve selected.
  • Provide you with the chance to collaborate with top businesses in industries including technology, finance, and healthcare.
  • Give you access to international corporations and cutting-edge startups.
  • Assist you in expanding your professional horizons, gaining foreign experience, and learning new cultures.
  • Opportunity to study new languages and explore a multifaceted environment and culture.

List of Undergraduate Internships Available Worldwide

Microsoft Internship Program

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree can apply for paid internship programs offered by Microsoft both online and in person.

The internships range from networking and software engineering to human resources.

Along with getting paid, you’ll have the freedom to pursue your interests, create a community, and accomplish your objectives.

2. Japan’s OIST Internship Program

Leading Japanese universities also offer international undergraduate internships.

OIST will give students a monthly stipend of JPY 2,400, take care of their living expenses, housing, and round-trip airfare, and help with local registration, insurance applications, and visa acquisition.

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An internship is a brief placement that allows students to assist with OIST research projects while gaining expertise in a specific laboratory under the guidance of a professor.

3. Global Internship Program

An amazing chance to participate in research at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in Korea is provided via the Global Internship Program.

The cost of living expenses, travel, housing, living stipends, and language study for the internship program are all covered.

4. The internship program of the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization Internship Program is another paid opportunity for an international undergraduate internship.

Lunch vouchers and health and accident insurance coverage are provided by the internship for the duration of the program.

5. Korea Summer Internship Program, KAI-X

For those who are interested, South Korea also provides international undergraduate internships.

The Korea Summer Internship is entirely financed. Living stipends, housing allowances of KRW500,000, and travel reimbursements of KRW1 million will all be given to interns.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), one of the top universities in the world for scientific and technological research, will host the program.

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