Pan Atlantic University’s MTN Media Internship Program 2024 | How to Apply

Pan Atlantic University's MTN Media Internship Program 2024 | How to Apply

Pan Atlantic University’s MTN Media Internship Program 2024 | How to Apply

MTN and Pan-Atlantic University launched the PAU/MTN Media Internship Program to educate young Africans on the proper use of technology for producing influential media content.

Selected participants will receive complete funding to train in South Africa, covering all costs, to expand their knowledge and skill set and assist them in comprehending the evolving media landscape.

Details, prerequisites, advantages, and the application process for the MTN Media Innovation Program are included in this post.

Summary of the MTN Media Internship Program

The host nation is South Africa.

Study in Africa with Study Abroad

Category: Fellowships, Training, and Internships

Nigeria is one of the eligible nations.

Reward: Travel expenses, certification, full sponsorship, and professional development

IELTS Not Needed; Application Deadline: April 5, 2024

Details of the MTN Media Internship Program

For media professionals in Nigeria, the MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) is a six-week curriculum that is carried out across six months.

The course will broaden the participant’s knowledge and skill set while assisting them in comprehending the shifting media landscape and how to use technology wisely to produce powerful media content.

Qualifications for the MTN Media Internship Program

To be eligible for the MTN Media Innovation Program, you need to meet the requirements listed below:

  • Need to be an expert or practitioner in the media.
  • A valid international passport is a requirement.
  • Must succeed in both the written exam and any ensuing interviews.
  • To take part in the initiative, employers must give their written consent.
  • The MTN Media Internship Program’s advantages
  • The fully financed, six-month fellowship program for media professionals in Nigeria is intended to foster the long-term growth of the country’s evolving media landscape.
  • Media professionals from all fields are eligible to apply, including those who create material for social media, print, electronic, and web platforms.
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In addition to improving participants’ ability to adjust to shifting circumstances, the course aims to provide them with a deeper comprehension of Nigeria’s technology industry and the relationship between media and technology.

Additionally, mentorship from SMC faculty members and professional resources will be available to fellows.

Program Framework for MTN Media Innovation Initiative

33 Days of Instruction

During the training, which will last 33 days, all accepted candidates will attend classes.

South Africa for Seven Days

A seven-day training trip to South Africa, fully funded.

One day at the MTN Nigeria Head Office

The MTN Group Headquarters and MTN Nigeria Headquarters will host tutoring sessions for candidates.

1 Visits & Tours with Industry

An all-day workshop held at the Innovation Hub.

How to Apply (Step by Step) for the MTN Media Internship Program

The following actions are required of interested and qualified applicants to apply for the MTN Media Innovation Program:

Click the following link to be taken to the scholarship application page.

Click “Apply Here” to access the application portal. Fill out the relevant personal information and upload the required work sample. Applications that are accepted will be contacted.


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