Scholarship from the Aziz Foundation for 2024 in the UK | 100% Tuition Paid

Scholarship from the Aziz Foundation for 2024 in the UK | 100% Tuition Paid

Scholarship from the Aziz Foundation for 2024 in the UK | 100% Tuition Paid

The 100% tuition cost Aziz Foundation Scholarship is available. Masters scholarships to help British Muslims attend universities in the United Kingdom.

Those who want to grow in their careers and improve their communities and beyond are the target audience for the scholarships.

We’ll walk you through the application process for the 2024 Aziz Foundation Scholarship in this post.

Synopsis of Aziz Foundation Scholarship

United Kingdom is the host country (UK)

Study Abroad: UK Study

Sort by: Masters Scholarships | Postgraduate Scholarships

Country Eligible: United Kingdom (UK)

Award: Full Scholarship

IELTS Not Needed;

Application Deadline: June 14, 2024

Details of the Aziz Foundation Scholarship

The Aziz Foundation Scholarship seeks to assist future leaders who can lead and inspire in their field and who exhibit a strong sense of community service.

Please be aware that applications from overseas students will not be taken into consideration for the scholarships, which are only available to UK residents who are eligible for Home Fees status.

Qualifications for the 2024 Aziz Foundation Scholarship

You need to be eligible for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

  • Qualify for the status of home fees
  • Engage in Muslim community activities and show that you have a thorough understanding of the problems that Muslim communities in Britain face.
  • Show a sustained dedication to the advancement of communities and society in Britain.

Describe how the training can help them become more effective in one of the following areas that concern British Muslims:

  • Succeeding in Advocacy and Improving Public View Encouraging improved Muslim participation and representation in civil society to fight Islamophobia and improve attitudes toward British Muslims
  • Social Development and Community Service: Increasing Standards and Aspirations in British Muslim Communities

Advantages of the 2024 Aziz Foundation Scholarship

For pupils who attend home schools, the scholarship pays the entire cost of tuition.

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Subject accessible for 2024 Aziz Foundation:

Furthermore, only British Muslims who are dedicated to advancement in the following fields and have the necessary expertise will be granted the Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

Media & Journalism: Aspirants who want to promote diversity in the media to guarantee more impartial and truthful reporting.

Technology: Entrepreneurs and disruptors who use technology to provide ground-breaking answers to the most important problems facing society

Environmental and sustainability candidates who want to lead the charge in preserving the environment and securing a safer future for future generations

Law: Applicants with a strong desire to succeed in the legal field, particularly those who want to become judges (conversion courses excluded)

Candidates who are passionate about influencing public policy in the UK to make sure it is fair and sensitive to the needs of British Muslim communities, with the exception of health policy

Arts and Culture: Artists with the ability to use a range of media to impact public conversations, particularly those concerning Muslims and Islam

Sports: Applicants who have a strong passion for athletic achievement and who can significantly advance the sector through management and administration

Applications for courses in science, health policy, or mathematics will not be accepted.

How to Apply (Step by Step) for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship

Online applications are accepted for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship.

The application form asks about your past coursework, employment history, financial situation, and qualifications for the Foundation. It also requests a 1,000-word statement explaining how you match their requirements as well as the names of two references.

You will be invited to an interview if your application is selected for further screening. The 30- to 45-minute interview will focus on issues concerning:

Obstacles faced by British Muslims; goals and aspirations for change; success factors for individuals; and financial obstacles consideration.

Click here to apply.


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