The detailed procedure for the 2024 I4G DataCamp Scholarship (Ingressive for Good)

The detailed procedure for the 2024 I4G DataCamp Scholarship (Ingressive for Good)

The detailed procedure for the 2024 I4G DataCamp Scholarship (Ingressive for Good)

The Aggressive Benefit The goal of the I4G DataCamp Scholarship is to prepare young Africans for the growing demand for data scientists as businesses become more and more data-driven.

For this reason, Ingressive For Good and DataCamp Donates are still working together to give free access to data science education to African youth.

You will have access to more than 10,000 licenses so you can study and obtain certifications.

We will tell you details about the opportunity’s eligibility, benefits, and application process in this post.

Summary of the I4G DataCamp Scholarship

Host: Invading for the Better (14G)

Category: Training Countries Eligible: Every African nation

Award: Full Scholarship

Finish date: March 25, 2024

No Need to Take the IELTS

Details of the I4G DataCamp Scholarship:

The goal of Ingressive for Good is to provide underprivileged youth in Africa with digital skills so they can influence and support the continent’s social and economic growth.

To address the obvious disparities that exist among African tech ecosystems, Ingressive For Good (I4G) was established.

We provide partial scholarships to Ivy Leagues of Africa for needy tech final-year students.

To help with their schooling, the student receives a laptop as part of this financial support. Each student who is awarded this scholarship will automatically join the I4G Alumni community.

Requirements for I4G DataCamp Scholarship:

You need to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Have African descent.
  • Be accessible for the duration of the remaining time.
  • The DataCamp platform will be used for the online training. You already have access to the course on the platform.
  • Your chosen learning courses and career path are visible. There is no schedule because it is self-paced. Your schedule is up to you to decide. But the course expires in five months.
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Benefits of the 2024 I4G DataCamp Scholarship

There are many different tracks available. Among the following, one can be learned:

  • R-based Data Science.
  • Python-based data science and R-based data analysis.
  • Python-Based Data Analysis vs SQL-Based Data Analysis.
  • Please don’t make any payments. Please do not pay; I4G and DataCamp Donates have cooperated to ensure that you can attend the course for free.
  • If you are receiving a prompt to pay, please email us so we can assist you in resolving this if you are a successful program beneficiary.

How to Apply for the Scholarship at I4G DataCamp

Interested and eligible candidates should submit their applications by following the steps listed below;

  • For the scholarship application, click the following link.
  • Select “Apply Now.”
  • Following your application, your screen will display a success message.
  • Also, following the application closing, you will receive an email confirming your submission.

Click here to apply.

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