EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024 | Step-by-Step Procedure

EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024 | Step-by-Step Procedure

EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024 | Step-by-Step Procedure

The EPFL Excellence Scholarship provides a limited number of master’s level scholarships to candidates with exceptional academic records.

This scholarship includes a stipend of CHF 10,000 per semester, the reservation of a student room in a student home, and a certificate of distinction at the program’s conclusion.

In this essay, we will go over the application procedure for the EPFL Excellence Fellowship step by step.

Summary of the EPFL Excellence Scholarship

Switzerland serves as the host country.

Studying Abroad in Europe

Scholarships for Postgraduate Students | Masters Scholarships | Fellowships

Countries Eligible: All Countries

Reward: CHF 10,000 each semester | Housing

The deadline is December 15, 2023.

EPFL Excellence Scholarship Specifications:

The selection of candidates and the awarding of fellowships is based on an appraisal of the candidates’ academic records.

The applicants are chosen by representatives from Student Affairs and Outreach, Education, and other school departments.

The selection procedure for Swiss Government Scholarships is extremely demanding, with just around 3% of master’s students receiving such financial assistance.

EPFL Excellence Fellowship 2024 Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the EPFL Excellence Scholarship, you must satisfy the following requirements:

EPFL awards a limited number of scholarships based on academic performance to the most eligible candidates.

They are aimed at students who have excelled in both school and extracurricular activities throughout their pre-university education.

EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024:

  • CHF 10,000 per semester.
  • Reservation of a student room in a residential hall (only for “external” candidates).
  • A certificate of distinction (after the master’s program).
  • Fellowship recipients will be responsible for covering all expenditures (tuition, rent, etc.) on their own.
  • The fellowship will be paid if the fellowship bearer is enrolled as a normal EPFL student.

EPFL Excellence Fellowship 2024 Eligibility Requirements:

You must have met the following criteria to be considered for the EPFL Excellence Scholarship.

The following expenses will be covered by the fellowship: – subject to fellowship holders being registered as normal EPFL students (see § 4.6). – for a maximum of four semesters (three semesters for a 90-credit Master’s program).

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No extension is possible, even if the student is a minor or for any other reason that may cause the study period to be extended.

If there is a paid internship or Master’s project (see section 4.4), only three payments are available (two for a 90-credit Master’s course), provided the renewal conditions are completed after the first year (see section 3.1).

EPFL Excellence Scholarship Required Documents

Documents Required for the EPFL Excellence Scholarship

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following documents in order to apply;

  • Your curriculum vitae (resumé).
  • If available, a copy of your university degree(s).
  • Transcripts from every university you’ve attended.
  • A purpose statement (no more than 1000 words).
  • The contact information for three academic referees, each of whom will be asked to write a recommendation letter for you (except for EPFL Bachelor’s degree holders and those who hold a Bachelor’s degree from ETH Zürich or a Swiss university or FHS/HES and are applying for a Master’s program in the same field of study).
  • Your driver’s license or passport.

Candidates are ineligible for an excellence fellowship if their master’s degree at EPFL is a second master’s degree.

All documentation must be written in one of the following languages: English, French, German, or Italian. Please participate in a licensed translation of any papers in a different language.

How to Apply for an EPFL Excellence Scholarship (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Interested and qualified applicants for the EPFL Excellence Fellowship in 2024 should follow the processes outlined below.

They should apply using the same online form as their master’s program application by April 15 or December 15 (there is a checkbox to indicate that the candidate’s profile should also be considered for an excellence fellowship).

There are no additional papers required in addition to those necessary for admission.

Internal applicants (EPFL bachelor’s degree / same field of study) Sections may approach students to see if they wish to apply for an excellence fellowship. Students can also apply to their section by January 31 or April 30.


Deadline: December 15, 2023

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