Previous Seplat Scholarship Questions | Download in PDF

Previous Seplat Scholarship Questions | Download in PDF

Previous Seplat Scholarship Questions | Download in PDF

You must get ready for the online scholarship aptitude test if you apply for the Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship this year.

All applicants for the Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship are required to submit the Seplat Scholarship Past Question.

We’ve included authentic practice Seplat Scholarship Past Questions in this post to help you get ready for the test when it comes around.

Concerning the Seplat Scholarship Exam

Typically, individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for the award are allowed to take the Seplat Award test.

These candidates will receive a special URL that they can use to upload their documents first and then take the test online.

Over the years, the test has been scheduled for thirty minutes, following which the test will be submitted and the candidate logged out.

Topics covered in the last Seplat Scholarship question

Typically, candidates’ verbal and numerical reasoning skills are assessed by the Seplat Scholarship Aptitude Test.

The examination has thirty questions in total and will be given over thirty minutes.

Among the topics are

  • Number-Based Thinking in Mathematics
  • English Verbal Reasoning
  • Reasoning logically (General Test Questions)

Seplat Undergraduate Scholarship Advantages

Each Seplat Scholarship recipient receives an annual financial reward of N200,000 to help with the expenses of their individual higher education institutions.

This is sufficient incentive to put maximum effort into your scholarship aptitude test preparation and to ensure that your application is noticed.

How to Get Ready for the Aptitude Test for Seplat Scholarships

The following will be needed to take the test, which will be given online:

  • A strong internet link
  • Pens and pencils
  • A PC with an operational webcam. Please make sure that you have activated your Windows operating system.
  • A legitimate identity card, such as a driver’s license, work ID, international passport, ID card, or national ID
  • At least one and a half hours in a calm place, without interruptions.
  • Before beginning the test, make sure your batteries and network are in good working order.
  • Check your surroundings 360 degrees to make sure there are no materials, books, people, phones, other gadgets, or smart devices lying around or giving off the impression of being improper.
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Download Seplat Scholarship Previous Questions

The Seplat Scholarship Past Question is available to you below in PDF format.




Take note:

The materials are meant to help you prepare for the exam; they do not include the answers to the questions on the aptitude test.
Make sure your application stands out because only those who are selected for further consideration will be allowed to take the test.


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