Fully Funded CSC Scholarship at Jiangsu University for 2024

Fully Funded CSC Scholarship at Jiangsu University for 2024

Fully Funded CSC Scholarship at Jiangsu University for 2024

The Chinese government offers the Jiangsu University CSC Scholarship, which provides full funding for international students to enroll in the university’s Master’s and PhD programs.

CSC Scholarship Summary at Jiangsu University

Organizer: Jiangsu University

Investigate Study Abroad: Asia

Category: Scholarships for Postgraduate Study, Masters Studies, and PhD Studies

Countries Eligible: Every Country

Benefits: Complete Scholarship, Housing, and Stipends; No Need for IELTS

When it ends: February 28, 2024

Details of Jiangsu University’s CSC Scholarship

Jiangsu University’s CSC Scholarship, funded by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program, was established by the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Education per understandings or agreements reached between the Chinese government and the governments of other nations, organizations, educational institutions, and pertinent international organizations to offer international scholars and students both full and partial scholarships.

Qualifications for the Jiangsu University CSC Scholarship for 2024

For the Jiangsu University CSC Scholarship to be given consideration, candidates need to:

  • A healthy, foreign passport holder who complies with university rules and Chinese law.
  • Candidates for master’s programs should generally be younger than 40 years old and have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates for doctoral programs typically need to be less than 45 years old and have a master’s degree.

The following is the minimum language competency required of applicants to programs taught in English: IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 550 (IBT 80), while neither is necessary for native English speakers

The 2024 Jiangsu University CSC Scholarship’s advantages

  • Waiver of the registration, tuition, and housing fees for on-campus dorms.
  • Living stipend.
  • General scholars and master’s degree candidates: 3,000 Yuan
  • Senior academics and PhD candidates: 3,500 Yuan After registering, scholarship recipients will get their monthly living allowance.

Documentation Needed for the CSC Scholarship at Jiangsu University

To be eligible for the Jiangsu University CSC Scholarship, applicants need to have the following paperwork ready:

  • Copy of Passport Home Page; Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (available in Chinese or English). Please apply for a new passport before applying if the applicant’s current passport does not match the requirements for validity (that is if it expires before September 2022).
  • Highest diploma notarized. Applicants for diplomas must provide certified documentation from their current school attesting to their enrollment.
  • Academic records (starting with the undergraduate program). Academic transcripts from the first to the last semester of the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees, if applicable, must be supplied.
  • Certificates of language proficiency.
  • A proposal for a study plan. More than 1,000 characters or words must be included in a study plan written in Chinese or English, including recommendation letters. Two reference letters from professors or associate professors (written solely in Chinese or English) must be turned in.
  • An illustration of art. Applicants may submit their works through the system’s “Example of Art/Other Supporting Documents” to apply for degrees in art or design. Alternatively, applicants may choose to send these materials directly to the applied universities.
  • Candidates under the age of eighteen should send in the official legal guardians’ documents from China.
  • A photocopy of the filled-out Foreigner Physical Examination Form in English; the applicant will retain the original copy.
  • The applicant must provide a current Non-Criminal Record certificate from the local public security agency. This certificate must be given no later than six months before the application deadline.
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Remember: Clear, genuine, and valid supporting documentation must be uploaded. Candidates are advised to scan the pertinent documents using a business-grade scanner.

University CSC Scholarship Application Process (Step by Step).

The procedures to apply for the CSC Scholarship at Jiangsu University are as follows:

Step 1: Go to http://www.campuschina.org/ and select “Scholarship Application for Students” from the “CSC Study in China” webpage. Go to [CREATE AN ACCOUNT] to register, then use your account to log in.

Enter Personal Information in Step 2. To complete entering personal information, click “Edit Personal Details” and complete all fields, then double-check and save the data. After completing this step, click “Finish” to go back to the previous page and begin entering the details for your application.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate “Program Category.” Kindly click “New Application,” choose “Type B” as the program category, and begin entering the application data.

The correct “Agency Number (provided by the preferred designated university)” must be entered in step four. Agency number 10299 is in use. Direct matching between the Program Category and Agency Number is required for online applications. The page will immediately display the matching agency name once the agency number has been entered. If the program category or agency number is incorrect, your online application will not be received by application processing authorities since they are directly matched.

Enter Application Data in Step Five To finish the application, proceed to the “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” section, upload the necessary “Supporting Documents,” and then click “Submit.” Before submitting, Please ensure that the submitted documents and all the information are correct and legitimate. By supplying their specific “Agency Number,” “Type B” applicants can apply for the scholarship programs at the three colleges of their choice. In reality, though, they can only be considered for scholarships from one of these institutions by the China Scholarship Council; this is decided by the deadline for university recommendation letters. To improve their chances of being admitted, applicants are encouraged to complete the application for the university that has extended a pre-admission letter.

Step 6: “Personal Details” and “Application Information” cannot be changed after they have been submitted. By selecting “Withdraw” and making changes to the application, applicants can withdraw their submitted work before it is reviewed by the processing authorities. The application will not be processed if it is withdrawn; instead, applicants must resubmit it after modifying it. The application cannot be withdrawn once it has been processed.

Step 7: Download the application form by clicking “Print the Application Form.”

Step 8: Submit your scholarship application under the guidelines provided by the application processing agency or dispatching authorities.

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