China University of Petroleum 2024 Beijing Government Scholarship | Fully Funded

China University of Petroleum 2024 Beijing Government Scholarship | Fully Funded

China University of Petroleum 2024 Beijing Government Scholarship | Fully Funded

One of China’s most attractive cities, Beijing, is the location of the China University of Petroleum’s call for applications for the 2024 Beijing Government Scholarships.

The China University of Petroleum Scholarship is a fully funded grant that offers housing and a $4489 annual stipend to qualified students in addition to exempting them from paying tuition.

This page provides a thorough overview of the scholarship program, including all of the requirements, information, and a step-by-step application guide.

Summary of the Beijing Government Scholarship

China as the host nation

Studying in Asia Abroad

Category: Masters Scholarships, PhD Scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships, Undergraduate Scholarships

All countries are eligible.

Reward: Full Scholarship with an annual stipend of $4489 + Housing

Closing date: June 15, 2022

Details of the Beijing Government Scholarship

The Beijing Government Scholarship program at the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) was established to draw exceptional international students to the university and enhance the standard of education received by these students.

The China University of Petroleum Scholarship seeks to develop global talent with the capacity for cross-cultural communication and global vision, as well as to continuously increase the recipients’ competitiveness and influence abroad.

The standards of impartiality, transparency, and merit are upheld in the selection and assessment of CUPB scholarships. Only freshmen in 2024 and beyond are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. Further information is given in the paragraphs that follow.

Requirements for Beijing Government Scholarship

You need to be eligible for the China University of Petroleum Scholarship:

  • Be a non-Chinese national, in good health, follow the law, and not have any criminal history. The applicant satisfies the prerequisites set forth by our institution for admission of foreign students to study in China;

Majors taught in English:

  • For undergraduate programs, applicants must submit evidence of language proficiency at the appropriate level or submit IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 75 or above. Strong Chinese language skills are preferred by applicants.
  • To be considered for graduate programs, applicants must have either a TOEFL score of 80 or above, an IELTS score of 6.5, or documentation of acceptable language ability. Being fluent in Chinese is advantageous;

There are certain exceptions: candidates from nations where English is the official language who wish to apply for majors taught in English are not required to submit documentation of their English language skills.

Majors taught in Chinese:

  • To be admitted to undergraduate programs, candidates must have an HSK-4 Chinese proficiency score of 222 or higher.
  • Candidates for postgraduate programs must speak Chinese at least at the HSK-5 level.
  • In order to be eligible for undergraduate programs, applicants must meet certain age and degree requirements. Specifically, they must be high school graduates under 25, hold a bachelor’s degree, and be under 35 in order to apply to master’s programs and possess a master’s degree and be under 45 years old in order to apply to PhD programs.
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The Duration of the Beijing Government Scholarship

First-class recipients

  • No need to pay any tuition fees
  • There is lodging available (double room).
  • Entire health insurance
  • Ten months’ worth of monthly allowance each year
  • BS Student: 1800 RMB per month
  • Graduate Student: 2000 RMB per month
  • PhD candidate: 2,500 RMB per month
  • Student exchanger: 2000 RMB per month

Recipients of the Second Class Award

  • No need to pay any tuition fees
  • There is lodging available (double room).
  • Full coverage for health insurance.

Documents Needed for the 2024 Beijing Government Scholarship

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork to apply:

  • All China visa paperwork, entrance and exit record pages, and passport images with a white background, 480 x 720 in size, have been scanned.
  • The best academic record and diploma, with an average grade of above 70% (approved translations into Chinese or English are required for materials that are not in Chinese or English.)
  • The Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Plan of study and investigation
  • Form for Foreign Physical Examination (Health Certificate) (lab report required)
  • A declaration that there is no criminal history
  • Two recommendation letters (from an associate professor or higher; necessary for applicants to postgraduate programs)
  • Acceptance letter from the manager (Applicants for Ph.D. programs are required to have an acceptance letter from supervisors; applicants for master’s programs are encouraged to have one.)

How to Apply (Step by Step) for the Beijing Government Scholarship

To submit an application to China University of Petroleum for the Beijing Government Scholarship;

  • Press the following link to see the scholarship webpage.
  • Enter the China University of Petroleum’s online application portal and upload all required application materials there.
  • The university does not accept paper applications or postal applications; if it is established that an applicant has committed fraud during the annual evaluation and selection process for a scholarship, the school has the right to revoke their eligibility for prizes.


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