Step-by-Step Procedure for the 2024 Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarship

Step-by-Step Procedure for the 2024 Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarship

Those interested in pursuing a degree program at any Chinese institution are encouraged to apply, according to the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce.

The MOFCOM Scholarship offers ¥45,000 annually as a living expenditure stipend in addition to covering the lodging, flights, and tuition for successful applicants.

We have covered all the information in this post, including the requirements for eligibility, the advantages, and the detailed steps for interested parties to apply.

Synopsis of Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarships

China is the host nation.

Studying in Asia Abroad

Category: Masters Scholarships, PhD Scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships

All Developing Countries Are Eligible

Full Scholarship, ¥45,000 Stipend each Year, Accommodation, and Airfare are the rewards.

Deadline for tickets: May 31, 2024

Details of the Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarship:

China’s Government The People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce established the MOFCOM Scholarship program to foster international collaboration and communication between China and other nations while also identifying and nurturing talent for emerging nations.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) developed the Chinese Government Scholarship—Chinese University Program to assist Chinese universities in particular provinces or autonomous areas in recruiting exceptional foreign students for graduate studies in China.

Since 2008, USTC has been allowed by MOE to accept full-time master’s and doctoral students under the Chinese Government Scholarship.

MOFCOM Scholarship awarded by the Chinese Government Conditions:

In order to qualify for this award, candidates need to:

  • Be under 45 years old and a citizen of a developing nation other than the People’s Republic of China (born after September 1, 1974)
  • Stay well.
  • Possess a minimum of three years of work experience
  • Applying for a master’s program requires a bachelor’s degree; applying for a doctorate program requires a master’s degree;
  • Possess the necessary knowledge in Chinese or English to fulfill the program’s academic requirements.

Scholarship Award and Duration

  • Students are not required to pay tuition, fees for teaching materials, fees for research and surveys, fees for programs taught in English, or fees for dissertation guidance.
  • Complimentary housing on campus;
  • Monthly stipend: 36000 RMB for master’s students and 42000 RMB for PhD students annually;
  • Relocation costs one-time: 3000RMB for each individual;
  • Complimentary health insurance for students from abroad;
  • All students will receive a one-time, round-trip international airfare (first flight to China upon enrollment, and return home upon graduation), up to a maximum of “n-1” (where “n” represents the number of school years the student will be enrolled in; “n” is less than or equal to three). round-trip foreign travel tickets for visits home (scheduled once a year, at the conclusion of the school year);
  • All students are required to complete the annual review. In the following year, those who pass the review could still be eligible for full scholarships.
  • The Ministry of Commerce or the institutions collectively will oversee and use other costs; students will not be reimbursed for them. The Ministry of Commerce only offers financial aid to students while they are engaged in classes. Postponing graduation will result in the loss of continuous sponsorship for students.
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How to Apply (Step-by-Step Procedure) for the Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarship

Candidates who meet the requirements can apply for the Chinese Government MOFCOM Scholarship by doing the following:

To view the webpage for the MOFCOM Scholarship, click the button below.

  • Apply to any university in China that interests them.
  • Visit or
  • Create an account by clicking [CREATE AN ACCOUNT], then sign in with it.
  • After selecting “Edit Personal Details,” complete the personal data entry process by entering all necessary information, confirming it, and saving it.
  • Once this area is finished, click “Finish” to go back to the previous page and begin completing the application.
  • Choose the appropriate “Program Category.”
  • Enter 00010 as your agency number. (Only for those applying for the CSC Program/MOFCOM Scholarship.)
  • When prompted, upload “Supporting Documents,” and then click “Submit” to finish the application.

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