2024 NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Program

2024 NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Program

2024 NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Program

Through a partnership with Coursera, NITDA is able to provide learning scholarships to Nigerian nationals, allowing them to pursue professional certifications from highly regarded US colleges and some of the largest international tech firms in the world (including Google, IBM, and Meta). Each applicant must choose one certification program from each of the two categories, A and B, that they would like to enroll in Coursera/NITDA Scholarship In brief

Host: Coursera /NITDA

Category: Training; Nigeria is an eligible country

Benefit: Complete Sponsorship

February 10, 2024, is the deadline.

IELTS is not required.

Details of the NITDA/Coursera Scholarship:

To assist you in launching a prosperous IT career, Category A (IT Career Pathway) provides a total of 20 professional certification programs. Each program consists of a number of connected courses designed to give students the in-depth understanding and practical skills needed to find work. Upon finishing every course in the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. On the other hand, you will obtain the professional certification after finishing all of the program’s prerequisite courses.

You can select from four certification programs offered by Category B (Complementary talents Pathway) to hone your talents in digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, and freelancing in addition to your IT professional skills.

NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Advantages

All students will experience these advantages:

  • A six-month full Coursera license.
  • Several professional credentials are available.
  • Step-by-step instructions to Apply for the NITDA/Coursera Grant:

To apply for the NITDA/Coursera Grant, intrigued and qualified competitors ought to utilize the “Snap HERE TO APPLY” button to continue to the application page.

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