How to Apply for Google Summer of Code 2024 (Paid Internship)

How to Apply for Google Summer of Code 2024 (Paid Internship)

How to Apply for Google Summer of Code 2024 (Paid Internship)

The global initiative, Google Summer of Code, aims to get student developers involved in a three-month programming project during their break from school.

Through the program, you can write code and support actual software development projects while earning money for it.

This article provides a clear explanation of the prerequisites, advantages, and application process for the Google Summer of Code program.

Google is the host.

Category: Training & Internships; All Countries Are Eligible

Reward: Training | Certification | $2,000 Stipend | No Need for IELTS

Opening of Applications: March 18, 2024

Last day: April 2, 2024.

Specifics of Google Summer of Code:

Are you a student with an interest in solutions for software development?

An international online initiative called Google Summer of Code aims to increase the number of people who contribute to open-source software development.

Under the supervision of mentors, GSoC Contributors work on a programming project for more than 12 weeks with an open-source organization.

Qualifications for Google Summer of Code in 2024

You need to be eligible for the Google Summer of Code.

  • Age: At the time of registration, participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • Enrollment: As of the Acceptance Date, participants must be enrolled in or accepted into a recognized school (college, university, master’s program, PhD program, or undergraduate program).
  • Work Eligibility: For the duration of the program, participants must be able to work in their home country.
  • Prior Involvement: Students who have taken part in Google Summer of Code twice (2) or more before are not eligible.
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The Advantages of Google Summer of Code in 2024

Duration: With the help of a mentor, accepted students code throughout the summer (three months).

Stipend: A $6000 USD stipend is awarded to successful student contributors, enabling them to dedicate three months to learning to code.

How to Apply (Step by Step) for Google Summer of Code

Interested and eligible candidates for the Google Summer of Code should click the application button below.

Click here to apply.

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