Apply Now for Cleaning Jobs in the USA Sponsored by a Visa

Apply Now for Cleaning Jobs in the USA Sponsored by a Visa

Apply Now for Cleaning Jobs in the USA Sponsored by a Visa

Certain positions provide excellent benefits, and Cleaning Jobs in the USA with Visa One position in that category you ought to think about is sponsorship. Can I, then, get a sponsor to obtain a cleaning visa for the United States? You should find out the answer to this question and more about cleaning jobs in the USA that can be obtained with a sponsoring visa by reading on.

If you are thinking about using work as a justification for immigrating to the US, factors including the kind of work, pay, and employment rate should be taken into account.

There are generally a few different ways to immigrate to the US, the most popular being through a job. Hiring foreign workers who will apply for job visa sponsorship is a goal shared by many professions.

Cleaning Jobs in the USA with Sponsored Visas

With hundreds of professions available, cleaning is one of the biggest categories of unskilled employment that can be sponsored for a visa. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, there should be a 4% rise in job openings for janitors and cleaners between 2021 and 2031. Consequently, there are approximately 335,500 job vacancies for cleaners at different companies looking to hire fresh, appropriately qualified applicants who may sponsor their benefit visa.

These positions are the consequence of a small number of employees quitting or changing occupations. This is therefore your chance to apply for a visa-sponsored cleaning job in the United States.

The Top 10 Cleaning Jobs in the USA You Can Apply For

Cleaning services support the upkeep of hygienic, orderly, and public areas in both public and private settings. To make sure that their work is done well, they employ a variety of tools and cleaning materials. Additionally, cleaners can operate in a variety of environments, including offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

However, because there are several kinds of cleaning jobs, you must be certain of the kind of cleaning job you want to apply for before applying. A list of cleaning jobs that sponsor visas is written below.

Company Cleaners

Another well-liked cleaning job category is that of commercial cleaners. A commercial cleaner’s responsibilities include maintaining workplaces, residences, commercial spaces, and other areas. Big cities also have a strong need for them. However, although cleaning is crucial, you may have a lot of work to do if you reside close to a commercial center.

The fact that commercial cleaners must work on the weekends and after regular business hours sets them apart from home cleaners. Their hourly wage ranges from $20 to $60, and their annual salary is $2,677. This sum varies, though, because businesses are different.

Cleaners for Windows

In the USA, one of the top cleaning jobs to apply for is window cleaning. This is an additional sector of the industry where flexible work schedules are possible. You can also work on the weekends. A typical window cleaner makes between $16 and $20 per hour and between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. But, you will want physical fitness if you wish to perform window cleaning.

Household Cleaners

Part-time and full-time employment are options for residential cleaners. You only need a few basic cleaning tools, such as mops, cleaning cloths, and cleaning chemicals; no special equipment is required. A Domestic cleaner is necessary because some people’s occupations require them to work long hours and they do not have the time to keep their homes tidy. The typical pay for household cleaners is between $14 and $20 per hour, or $24,00 and $44,20 annually. However, given the various firm policies, this could alter.

Executive Housekeepers or Cleaners

The executive cleaners/housekeepers are in charge of managing every element of a home, including landscaping, cooking, laundry, and decorating. This kind of cleaner must handle many demands and responsibilities in addition to problem-solving, staff assistance, and housekeeping duties as needed. Their pay is in the region of $19 to $28 per hour, with a maximum of $30,000.

Laundry Services

The employees of a laundry business must make sure their customer leaves with a clean cloth. They are responsible for folding, ironing, drying, and washing the clothing of their clients. You are eligible for an average pay of $20 to $23 per hour and $22,500 to $350,620 annually as laundry personnel. However, given the variations within companies, this amount may vary.

Maintaining Pools

In general, swimming pools are nirvana on a hot summer’s day. Unfortunately, though, pool upkeep and cleaning are necessary. However, cleaning swimming pools is a part of cleaning chores, just like other kinds of cleaning. It is possible to make up to $2,000 or more, depending on whether any license costs are required.


A housekeeper may choose to reside there or elsewhere, though it is much less customary for them to do so. However, the likelihood of you living away from home and going to work is higher. You are entitled to at least $20 per hour as a housekeeper. However, this figure is subject to vary over time.

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Upkeep of Property

Residential and commercial buildings must be cleaned and repaired as part of a property maintenance cleaning project. However, not all property maintenance tasks are cleaning-related; others may require more technical skills. The annual wage for this kind of cleaning work is around $50,000 on average.

Construction Site Cleaning

There are some differences between this construction clean-up and cleaning or residential services. Before the owner moves in to take complete possession of a newly constructed or renovated home, a construction clean-up crew makes sure the property is orderly and clean.

Salary rates typically depend on estimates and the extent of the work. You may expect to make between $15 and $20 per year on average as a construction cleaner, or between $30,000 and $35,000.

Services for Sanitization

You must use EPA-registered cleaning products since they are safe and effective if you provide sanitization services. To make sure the house or place of business is free of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, you must also adhere to a hygiene procedure. In addition, you are entitled to a pay of between $30,000 and $35,000 annually, or $40 or more per hour.

The job description for a cleaner

Considering that all of these are covered in the job description, it seems redundant to even consider the idea of a cleaning. On the other hand, a cleaner is a service worker whose responsibility it is to keep a workplace hygienic and tidy. “Someone in charge of keeping houses, hotels, businesses, and other public spaces clean and hygienic” is another expression you can use.

Some of the duties of a cleaner job include vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, mopping, and doing other cleaning and safety-related chores. For the most part, they maintain buildings clean and functional.

The job description includes performing heavy cleaning duties, such as washing walls and taking care of the boiler and furnace, performing regular maintenance, keeping track of broken or malfunctioning equipment that needs to be fixed, and other duties.

Tasks and Obligations in Cleaner Employment

However, if you’re wondering what a cleaner does, their job is to keep specified or assigned areas clean, sanitized, orderly, and in general condition. The following is a list of duties and responsibilities typical of a cleaner’s job in the United States:

  • Vacuum, mop, and sweep the floors.
  • Clean the walls, windows, and glass.
  • Report any places that require repair. If you can, conduct little building repairs.
  • Make sure the workplace or building is secure by fastening the doors and windows.
  • Place a cleaning supply order.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Use the appropriate cleaning supplies to remove spills and other risks.
  • Ensure that spaces like restrooms are stocked with supplies and are cleaned.
  • Collect and empty the trash can.

Cleaners are engaged in banks, businesses, schools, and hospitals, among other areas of society, to ensure that the environment is hygienic, clean, and in good condition.

Requirements for Applying for Sponsored Visas to Clean Jobs in the USA

However, a bachelor’s degree is not always required in order to apply for sponsored cleaning jobs in the United States. Most likely, a formal education of any kind is necessary to apply. However, in order to get into the field, most employers will want you to fulfill certain prerequisites, like:

  • A high school degree or its equivalent.
  • When doing a small repair, high school elective classes like industrial arts can be quite helpful.
  • The ability to communicate with coworkers is a must.
  • Recognize the fundamentals of building operations.
  • Physical endurance is a must because the majority of the work involves standing to perform cleaning duties.
  • Must be able to manage bulky cleaning supplies and tools.

How to Apply for Sponsored Visas to Apply for Cleaning Jobs in the USA

An application for cleaning work in the United States will only be accepted if the hiring employer is willing to sponsor an H-1B visa. The majority of job applications request work without a visa sponsor. It is not what we are looking for. If you want to locate any position that sponsors visas, you will need to be patient and search for jobs offering H-1B visas.

The first step is to explore credible job-search websites like LinkedIn for free visa sponsorship positions. To find visa sponsors for cleaning jobs, use the search bar. The search results show a large number of jobs that do not sponsor visas. All you need to do is search until you find an employer willing to hire international workers in the United States.

Another way to work in the US with a sponsored visa is to have someone, such as a friend or family member, issue a visa for you.


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