How to Get Considered for the German Catholic KAAD Scholarship

How to Get Considered for the German Catholic KAAD Scholarship

How to Get Considered for the German Catholic KAAD Scholarship

The German Catholic KAAD Scholarship Program is open to deserving candidates who want to study for a master’s or doctorate in Germany. This scholarship is extremely competitive and completely sponsored.

This seeks to establish (scientific) networks and contribute to a holistic development that encompasses the religious and interreligious components. It is based on collaboration with partner committees and associations of ex-scholars in those countries.

Synopsis of German Catholic KAAD Scholarship

Germany is the host nation.

Study in Europe or Abroad

Category: Masters Scholarships, PhD Scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships

All countries are eligible.

Award: Full Scholarship

No deadline has been set.

The KAAD Scholarship for German Catholics

The German Catholic Church’s scholarship program, KAAD, is open to scientists and postgraduate students from poor nations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Near and Middle East, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and Africa.

The following is what KAAD anticipates from potential applicants:

  • Above average results in research and studies.
  • The focus of your study or studies should be on reintegrating permanently into your hometown (if not, the scholarship will become a loan).
  • Engagement in social and religious activities as well as a readiness for interreligious discussion.
  • In addition to providing financial aid and educational opportunities, KAAD also provides spiritual and personal support to its learners in anticipation of the multiplicitous roles that these individuals would play back home.

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order for a candidate to be eligible for a KAAD International Scholarship:

  • Candidates must be presently residing in one of the developing or growing nations of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America.
  • In order to be considered for a master’s or PhD program at a German institution, or for a post-doctoral research project (2–6 months for experienced university professors), applicants must have a university degree and professional experience from their native country.
  • Are you a member of the Catholic Church, or any other Christian denomination? If they are recommended by Catholic partners and can demonstrate their dedication to interreligious dialogue, candidates from other religions are welcome to apply.
  • Prior to beginning the program applicants must be proficient in German (KAAD can offer a maximum 6-month language course in Germany).
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German Catholic KAAD Scholarship Benefit:

The German Catholic KAAD scholarship is a very competitive, fully financed program.

The German Catholic KAAD Scholarship for 2024 Application Process:

To access the use page, candidates who are interested and eligible can CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

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