How To Write An Essay That Will Win You A Scholarship

How To Write An Essay That Will Win You A Scholarship

How To Write An Essay That Will Win You A Scholarship

Writing a good essay for any scholarship is a very important skill you must hone in the process of applying for a scholarship. Many have failed at this important and critical stage of application.

We are here to put you through the process you need to know when writing essays for scholarships, just sit back and follow through.

What Is A Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is a statement written by the applicants to a university, a college, or high school with the aim to convince them that you should be granted the scholarship. This is a phase where you tell your reasons for choosing a particular course to study. You are expected to communicate your intentions, your challenges, your desire, your career push, and the impact the course you want to study would have on your personal and professional goals. You are permitted to tell your story in a heartwarming and persuasive manner.

The question is, how do you write a good essay that will make you be granted a scholarship?

1 Prepare and know your target audience before the time

As an applicant, don’t make the mistake of waiting till the last minute before you start writing your essay. The earlier bird they say catches the worm. You might likely not have enough time to write what you are expected to write because you are at the rushing hour. You are bound to make mistakes at this stage. So it is better for you to start very early and avoid the story that touches the heart.

The earlier you start, the more time you have to research the funder and what they need you to write on. For each application, set a time for them so that you won’t miss out.

2 Follow the Instructions required of you and write the area of interest you want

You must read all instructions very well with haste. Details such as word count, should not be neglected. You must choose the topic that interests you and write to thrill them.

3 Keep a good work frame and create a strong introduction

Do well to put all your thoughts down concerning what you intend to write. When you are writing the essay, present a strong case for your essay that will carry your reader along.

Your introduction must be very strong because they are the first to be sighted in the essay. Let them ask questions of “why” and “how”.

4 Let Your Emotion Show

Let your emotions be displayed and understood by your reader while writing. Express your weakness and let them know how you are challenged to become a better version of yourself. The reader has interests in your weakness and how you can overcome them. It is called self-awareness.

5 Share Real-life Experiences

What will capture your reader is by sharing real-life experiences in the essay. Write in a way that will convey suspense, adventure and empathy.

6 Conclude in a longing way

Don’t just conclude your essay as a way to escape the expectation placed on you by your reader, conclude in a thrilling way. A way that will leave your reader longing to meet you. In a state of unanswered questions.

7 Edit and authenticate it

You must read and proofread your essay as much as you can. If necessary, seek assistance from colleagues, and friends or you can go online to use tools like Grammarly. You just have to be at your best when presenting the essay.

8 Utilize Available Online Scholarship Essays

We have many online examples of winning scholarship essays that can serve as guides.


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