Government of Ireland Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP) 2022

Government of Ireland Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP) 2022

Government of Ireland Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP) 2022

The aim of the Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP) is to advance collaboration between the Irish Agri-Food Sector and African countries to aid the tenable growth of the African food industry, build markets for locally produced goods, and aid requited trade between Ireland and Africa nations.

The purpose is that any investment by the Africa Agri-food Development Program with foster support with co-funding from the private sector. The fund is designed to be used to explore greater prowess, experience, and investment from the Irish agri-food sector and the projects must show results with a long-term advancing effect that will definitely usher to tenable benefits via the investment by the private sector.

Examples of fitting AADP projects are:

  • Business development
  • Production system
  • Technology transfer
  • R & D
  • Project management

About Government of Ireland

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Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP)

Category                              Entrepreneurs

Organization                      Government of Ireland

Country of study              –

School of study                 –

Course of study                 Not stated

Application Deadline      April 30, 2022

Aim and Purpose of the Program

Each company will receive funding of up to €250,000 in total.

Requirements for Africa Agri-food Development Program (AADP)

To know about the requirement, visit the website.

Interview date, Process, and Venue

The following standards will be used to evaluate all applications:

  • Development impact
  • Company expertise (Financial, technical)
  • Commercial viability
  • Risk analysis
  • Monitoring and expenditure

Application Deadline

April 30, 2022.

How to Apply

The application is currently open for submissions. Completed application forms by the Irish applicant company must be sent to

To get an Application form, send a message to the email.

For more details, visit the website.


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