Applying For Scholarships In Foreign Universities

Applying For Scholarships In Foreign Universities

Applying For Scholarships In Foreign Universities

Foreign Universities offer more than just studying and it is the dream of most individuals to partake in the opportunities they provide. It is very important to know how to position yourself and embrace the opportunities.

We are going to show you step by step what you need to successfully apply for scholarships in foreign universities and gain admission. The following are the things you need to do before you apply for a foreign scholarship and be successful.

Ask Previous Beneficiaries

Ask questions from those that has gone ahead and enjoyed the same scholarship programs. Before trying anything out at all, ask previous scholars that are abroad. If you don’t know any, go on Twitter and search for some. Most are ready to respond to personal messages. They will help you address all your fears and make the journey easy.

Don’t be too proud to ask questions, you never know who will give you a soft landing.


Beyond what you hear, you will need to research by yourself. Personal research is as important as what you have been told.

The way things are done every day has been improved and it is important that you are kept abreast of the new information. Your guide may have missed some of it but when you do a personal search, you are likely to know better ways of doing things.

The followings are areas you need to search on.

  • The country of scholarships.
  • The foreign universities offering the scholarships and the time for application.
  • The course you want to study and scholarship availability for it.
  • Is it fully funded or partial?
  • Can it permit you to work part-time?
  • For how long will you stay after your program?
  • And so on…

List all foreign countries you will like to study and choose from the list

It is very important for you to make a list of all countries that offer the course of your study on scholarships. Countries like the following can be tried out:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • And so on.

After making these lists, you may check other factors that may make you cut them down to small lists. And the factors may be due to weather, language, or other personal reasons.

Confirm the Scholarship funding source

You can confirm the scholarship funding by reaching out to the funders through emails or calls. There is a scholarship board in Nigeria. All these to help you confirm if it is fake or original. Questions such as the following can be asked:

  • Course-related scholarships at the university?
  • Is it partially or fully funded?
  • And any other questions in your hearts.

Go with the ones that are best for you

Once you are done with your searches, go with the ones that best suit you in terms of your academics interest, finance, and other things that you prefer.

Gather all your academic certificates

Ensure to have all your academic credentials available so that it won’t be a fire brigade approach. Documents like:

  • Birth certificate
  • SSCE certificates or statements of results
  • BSc. Certificate or statement of results
  • Academic transcripts
  • Valid ID card
  • Reference letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Copy of your essays

Rewrite your CV to meet foreign standard

Check for what is needed for your applications and modify your CV to suit it.

Let your reference know

Inform your references about the scholarship not leaving out any details. Keep them abreast in case where the scholarship board wants to reach out to them directly.

Sharpen your essay skills and get someone to look through it

Learn how to write an awesome essay that will land you what you truly desire. There are many websites online that teach how to write well.  After a well-written essay, send it to a colleague for proofreading. He/she can help correct typo mistakes.

Know deadlines for each application and keep track of them

Each scholarship application has a deadline date and you must be well aware of them. When you start early, you can as well finish the application early before the deadline date. If you will need to set reminders each day, please do so. It will be regrettable to miss out on opportunities when you have everything on ground.

Apply for many scholarship opportunities that come your way

There is no law against applying for many scholarships. Don’t limit your chances by not applying, take advantage and apply. The more you apply, the more your chances of landing a scholarship.

Keep track of your applications

Try to follow up on your application if you can. It increases your chances.

Good luck.

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